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Welcome to San Diego Rotorcraft Club's Vitural Hangar/Meeting-Place and Learning Center we are (Pra31)-Chapter 31 of Popular Rotorcraft Association.

      We are not solely a rotorcraft Club as our bylaws clearly state "That anyone with an interest in an aircraft in the general range of a Beach-Chair attached to helium balloons to a Rocket ship may join us . We like those things too! 

Our Mission, to have flying fun, while promoting education and flight training with programs designed to create group camping family flying weekends at about the same cost as operating a motorcycle or personal watercraft. We accomplish this by sharing costs with member/co-owners of 3 aircraft and creating a rental program with flight training available only for member/co-owners including:

  1. Ground school
  2. Aircraft flight instruction
  3. Use of our 3 (being built) gyroplanes owned by (Pra31) now and one leased-back certified four-place Piper Cherokee 180 is available to our members today.
  4. Pra31 has a co-ownership agreement/Contract you may use allowing (fractional ownership) of any aircraft.
    1. This Contract provides the method to own an interest in several types of aircraft at fraction of the cost to any one co-owner.
    2. The aircraft is owned by a separate 'Limited Liability Corporation', protecting your personal assets while allowing you to buy and sell your interest in any aircraft as easily as selling a share of stock.

Pra31 is in the BUILDING stage...  See new download page that explains our member co-ownership program.
Currently we are building two 'single-place' gyroplanes and have purchased a two-place cross-country / trainer, as a kit, that will be owned and rented for cross-countries flights as well as flight training.
All we need is a little money from enough members so if you would like to be part of all of this Please Join Us
We should also mention that if you would like to buy (or sell a portion of your current aircraft to) a partnership in any aircraft then please join and put your name on the list and we will publish your request so others who would like to purchase the same type aircraft.
Our toys also happen to be the some of the least expensive to build and fly too. Point is, if you like any of these things or wish to fly? You have just found a home for young and old adults alike who enjoy making life a party.
What are you waiting for if you would like to enjoy Fly-ins and living life to the fullest by having a good time with new and old friends come on in and join us?

Click Here!See NEW!Slideshow: Discover how to select the Correct gyroplane for How and Where you fly. NEW!

(Read More about Pra31 and how you can afford an aircraft today...)

Our Current Program and how we are making aviation affordable, aircraft ownership and training possible at a fraction of the cost!

ClickHere See the Document DOWNLOADS.ClickHere

Goals: Provide the tools and methods necessary to make aircraft ownership afforadable to more of the general public and provide local flight students of median incomes an affordable path into aviation by purchasing training aircraft, to be owned with PRA Chapter 31 members as co-owners, allowing anyone who joins us to be able to learn to fly at the lowest possible cost.

We have designed a self-sustaining program that provides training to people of modest means, allowing the general public to become pilots at a fraction of the current cost, now and indefinitely.

How primary mission is to create a Fixed Bases of Operations enabling public access to rotorcraft flight with the lowest possible member user fees per hours. As a natural extension, and in conjunction with PRA.org's online ground school  this new program will create a focal point of training resources which will directly increase access and availability in California and cities where there is no gyroplane training to the general public while reducing the cost of becoming a pilot to all.

Our secondary mission is to reduce the cost of AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP to the general public by creating partnership's between members with a desire in the same make and model experminital aircraft reducing the cost by 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or more depending on how many members want the same aircraft. This will allow lower income families to aford a path into aviation.
The presentation "LLC’s & Co-ownership of Experimental Aircraft" explains the concept and the contract "Co-ownership Agreement" makes it possible they are both available below as a downloads.

San Diego Rotorcraft Club is purchasing an aircraft as a member co-owned training aircraft for the mutual benefit of the general public. We are offering the PRA and other Chapters the oppertunity to participate in this revelonary program.

This will be a shared, traveling, training aircraft that will be made available at fly-ins for demo flights and flight instruction and to other Chapter co-owners and or Pra31 is states across the USA when a group of students is ready to train. Each Chapter co-owner would have countrol of it at their location for the same number of months as they percentage of ownership intitles them to.

We hope it will become a model for other organizations as it appears we may be able to reduce the cost of flight instruction to under $100 per hour including the instructor.
We will charge co-owner members a wear-and-tear usage fee and amortize the $36,000 cost of the aircraft over seven years.
This fee, based on use 32 hours a month, would be only $38 per-hour for all fixed costs including amortization, insurance, storage, engine reserve, maintenance, and taxes.
If flown 120 hours-per-month the fixed costs are only $10 per hour.
PRA 31’s portion of the amortization fee will not be used to make a profit.

This fee is what makes the program self-sustaining; as the funds will be used to purchase another aircraft becoming much like a charity Fixed Base of Operations of low cost leased-back aircraft for our mebers and the general public that joins us benefit. 

      If you or your Chapter/ Club are interested in being part of an exciting new program then call the number today in the ad below and we can help make this program available to your members and recruit new members too with ads like the example below.

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About our Parent Organigation "Popular Rotorcraft Association".

We are associated with Popular Rotorcraft Association . Based in Mentone, Indiana, USA at the PRA Mentone Airport. PRA was started in 1962 by Igor Bensen, the inventor of the famous Bensen Gyrocopter. Since then it has grown to include rotorcraft of all sorts with members in over 80 countries. We are a group of people who love homebuilt rotorcraft -- gyroplanes and helicopters that they build and fly themselves. These rotorcraft enthusiasts get together to exchange ideas, information, help one another, promote safety and help with flight training.

The Popular Rotorcraft Association , which we like to call just "PRA," is a group of people who love anything that flys not soley homebuilt rotorcraft--gyroplanes and helicopters that we build and fly ourselves. These enthusiasts get together to exchange ideas, information and help. We promote safety and can help with flight training, building, and flying fun. Why not join us?

About the PRA

  • It's worldwide!
  • It's the best source for imformation regarding homebuilt helicopters and gyroplanes!
  • Its members get the world's best magazine on homebuilt rotorcraft!
  • It hosts the world's greatest flying events for homebuilt rotorcraft!
 PRA is peopleLittleWing

 MagniPRA is worldwide

PRA is a worldwide organization with members in over 80 countries and with headquarters at Mentone, Indiana, USA at the PRA Mentone Airport, an airport owned by the Popular Rotorcraft Association. There are many local PRA chapters where rotorcraft enthusiasts meet to share support and have fun.

Read Powered Sport Flying magazine!

Members of PRA receive Rotorcraft magazine, the official PRA publication is included in it each month. PRA's section is the only major magazine devoted exclusively to homebuilt rotorcraft. It's widely considered to be the best source of information about rotorcraft. Powered Sport Flying magazine now also has information, technical articles, photos of autogyros and helicopters, safety tips and news of new products for rotorcraft builders and pilots. We put out an annual PRA Rotorcraft Directory in March/April each year, listing all the autogyros and helicopters in the world that are available as kits or plans. PRA members say this annual rotorcraft directory is the best source in the world for specifications, pricing, photos and manufacturers' addresses.

PRA is well established

PRA has been around for nearly 50 years. It was started in 1962 by Igor Bensen, the inventor of the famous Bensen Gyrocopter. Since then PRA has expanded, and now includes autogyros of all types (also called autogyros, gyrocopters, and just plain gyros), as well as a growing number of helicopters. Rotary-winged flight is one of the most enjoyable sport/recreation activities!

PRA sponsors events

PRA sponsors an annual convention that's typically the largest gathering of homebuilt rotorcraft in the world. It has exhibits, flight demonstrations, contests, commercial exhibits, great food, forums on rotorcraft topics, and unlimited fun! There are also many other events sanctioned by PRA and its local chapters.

You can be a PRA member!

Anyone with an interest in homebuilt rotorcraft can become a member of the Popular Rotorcraft Association also. To Join, .


(Contact us...)

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All San Diego Rotorcraft Club correspondence - quotes, sales, etc should be sent to this address.

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