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Register here to become an official member of San Diego Rotorcraft Club.

    You are invited to become our greatest asset, a Pra31 member! By joining San Diego Rotorcraft Club today you become a part of one of the most exciting aircraft Co-ownership programs in the world today. Our inexpensive education club is designed to grow into one of the most important personal-rotorcraft communities on the West Coast!
    YOU will become a CO-OWNER and builder of our new $40,000.00 state-of-the-art 2-place Genesis G2SA G2Sa Photo Training/ Cross-country gyroplane with O-320 Lycoming aircraft engine, a 1-place KB2 rolling frame, a 2-place Hollmann Sportier (less engine), two trailers and various KB2 frame and engine parts.

     Be part of an affordable solution to gyroplane flight training in Southern California and included in the comradely of building, camping, entertainment, eating, and family flying fun while sharing aviation and rotorcraft knowledge!

PRA-31's goal is to have weekend camping trips and to transport our co-owned aircraft to all major fly-in's...It's more fun than should be legal!!

To learn more about PRA-31's revolutionary program...Click here

     As our main purpose is EAB education, it is only a $100.00 to join the 1st year; as there is a ONE-TIME $75.00 non-refundable Asset Buy-In required of each new member. This buy-in to club assets is what makes you a legal shareholder of club aircraft allowing you be legally trained in, or fly or use any of your co-owned club assets. Your annual dues will only be $25.00 for life, unless you vote to raise them in subsequent years.

    Current PRA-31 members are only required to pay $25.00 annual dues per-year, to use this sites features, as they are already co-owners!


   * We try to get new memberships processed as soon as possible but sometimes it can take as long as a business day.